Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Bad Bromance (The D Train)

UK Release Date: 

The head of a high school reunion committee travels to Los Angeles to track down the most popular guy from his graduating class and convince him to go to the reunion (www.imdb.com).

Director: Andrew Mogel, Jarrad Paul (

Starring: Jack Black, James Marsden, Kathryn Hahn, Jeffrey Tambor

I'm not sure what to make of The D Train. It's disjointed, senseless and convoluted, but underneath the surface is drama with realistic characters making foolish decisions. Dan (Black) wants to be popular among his alumni peers. His idea of hiring hot shot Oliver Lawless (Marsden) will improve the 'class of 94's' reunion headcount. How he does it though, is both intriguing and bewildering. Dan lies his way through the film. The deeper he goes with his dishonesty, the harder The D Train is to watch. What starts as a man on an immoral mission, ends as a complete infatuation with one person's attention and approval. It's an awkward watch. I never felt truly settled knowing Jack Black's character had to come clean sooner or later.


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